Topic area 9 : The quarry health and safety document

Estimated Duration: 3 Hours


  • To outline the background to, and the requirements of the Quarries Regulations, 1999.
  • Be able to draft a 'Health and Safety Document' in line with Regulation 7 of the Quarries Regulations, 1999.

Lecture Plan

1. Background and requirements of the Quarries Regulations, 1999

  • Duties of the Quarry Operator: Planning and preparation, day to day management, review and monitoring.
  • Workforce participation

2. The Health and Safety Document

  • Health & Safety Policy (recap)
  • Risk Assessments (recap)
  • Management Structure (recap)
  • Emergency Plans
  • Rules and Procedures
  • Procedures for monitoring and review (recap)
  • Case Studies

3. Principals of Emergency Plans

  • Overview of the need to plan for emergency recovery (and business recovery);
  • Emergency Preparedness - defined as all technical, operational and organisation measures which prevents a dangerous situation that has occurred from developing into an accidental event, or which prevent or reduce the harmful effects that have occurred.
  • Stages of emergency preparedness, with examples: Detection, Limitation, Evacuation
  • Emergency Organisation - definition of roles and responsibilities, procedures for providing rescue and medical equipment and arrangements for testing the emergency plans.
  • Example contents of emergency plans and procedures in relation to the requirements of the Quarry Health & Safety document.

4. Permit to Work Schemes

  • Purpose of PTW schemes
  • Contents and Examples of PTW schemes. The essential elements of a PTW are:
    • Full explanation of the hazards involved
    • The work to be carried out is properly detailed and understood by both sides.
    • The area in which the work is to be carried out is clearly identified
    • Workmen must sign the PTW to say that they fully understand the work that is to be carried out, and the risks involved.
    • When the work is complete, the workmen must sign off the PTW to say that they have completed the work and left the operation in a suitable state.

5. Preparing and managing rules and procedures

Suggested Reading & Other Resources

  • HSC - Health & Safety at Quarries: Quarry Regulations 1999 ACOP, HSE Books, 1999
  • HSE - Do you work in a Quarry? A Simple Guide to the Quarries Regulations, HSE Books, 1999

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