Topic area 4: Health and safety management

Estimated Duration: 3 Hours


Lecture Plan

Introduction to health and safety management


Concept of the 'systems approach' to health and safety management;

Key elements of a H&S Management System (based on HS(G)65)

Recent Developments in OH&S Management Systems

Standardisation - international move to standards and accreditation specifically with respect to ISO 9000 (Quality Management Systems) and ISO 14001 (Environmental Management Systems).

Overview of BS8800

OHSAS 18000 Series

Development of OHSAS 18001/18002 - developed in response to industry demand for a recognisable H&S management system standard against which their management systems can be assessed and certified (as in QMS and EMS).

Practical Aspects of OH&S Management Systems

Safety Policy (including legal requirement)


Implementation & Operation

Measuring Performance


Management Review.

Suggested Reading & Other Resources

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Updated 2021-03-26