Explosives Regulations 2014 - subsector guidance

HSE has produced two overarching Legal or 'L' series documents, L150 on Safety of explosives and L151 on the Security of explosives, that provide guidance on how to comply with the Explosives Regulations which came into force on 1 October 2014.

L150 and L151 are structured around the fundamental objectives, described as 'statements of success', that all dutyholders in the industry should achieve in a manner proportionate to their business.

In addition to these two 'L' series publications, and due to the diverse nature of the industry, HSE has worked with a variety of industry groups to produce more detailed guidance specific to each subsector. This guidance has been published and is available to download:

Level 1

These leaflets, aimed at retailers contain basic information intended as a starting point, and are accompanied by a checklist to help you carry out your risk assessment.

Level 2

This guidance provides detailed information that has been tailored to that subsector rather than being generally applicable across the whole explosives sector.

Subsector guidance produced by Industry

Further information

Find out more about the guidance structure.

Further information can be found on HSE's explosives web pages, in particular the list of FAQs provides further information. There are also links to other organisations that can help.

If you still have questions about what you should do to comply with the law, contact HSE Explosives Policy team.

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Updated: 2023-12-21