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What is an exemption?

HSE expects people to comply with the law. However, in circumstances where it is not possible to comply, eg where there have been technological changes, HSE has the power to grant exemptions from the requirements of Regulations. HSE will only grant an exemption if satisfied that health and safety standards will not put the people likely to be affected, at any risk. An exemption may be subject to certain conditions and can be revoked by HSE at any time.

Current exemption certificates

There are currently no exemption certificates made under the Explosives Regulations 2014.

Ammonium Nitrate Materials (High Nitrogen Content) Safety Regulations 2003 for non-agricultural purposes

The Ammonium Nitrate Materials (High Nitrogen Content) Safety Regulations 2003 prohibit the importation and supply of fertilisers with more than 28% nitrogen that fail a detonation test. There are certain exceptions to this prohibition for users of technical grade ammonium nitrate. The Regulations permit the storage of this material to make an explosive on site. With this exception, this material can only be imported, stored and kept under an exemption certificate from HSE. For further information, please see the guidance to the exemptions for Ammonium Nitrate Materials.

Updated 2019-03-12