Explosives Legislative Review (ELR)

HSE worked with other regulators and the explosives sector to review all health and safety explosives legislation, with the aim of reducing the regulatory burden on business through clarification and simplification.

The review has delivered an integrated and modernised suite of legislation and guidance , reducing the burden on business and providing a sound legislative foundation for the explosives sector .

Why review explosives legislation?

Explosives legislation had grown over time leading to a fragmented set of requirements with multiple sets of regulations and subsequent amendments, which led to an increase in regulatory burden.

Which legislation was reviewed?

The main elements were:

What has been achieved?

Further information

Further information on the review can be found on the ELR online community Access to the community is by invitation only but anyone can apply to join by emailing their name, contact details and a brief note on their interest in the explosives sector to [email protected]

Updated: 2020-09-07