Maps and plans

1. Special provisions exist in relation to maps, plans and drawings of places and objects. Evidence of the relative position of things may be given by the production of a plan or drawing by a constable, an architect, chartered surveyor, civil or municipal engineer or land agent, accompanied by the certificate signed by that person stating that the plan or drawing is correctly drawn to a specified scale and represents the place or object specified in the certificate. 1 If you have served a copy of the certificate on the defence not less than seven days before trial, 2 and the defence has not objected, you do not need to call the person who drew up the plan. If the defence objects, you must call them to give oral evidence.


  1. CJA 1948, s.41, as amended by RTA 1960, s.267 and sch.18, and Theft Act 1968, s.33(3) and sch.3. The Evidence by Certificate Rules 1961, as amended by the Evidence by Certificate Rules 1962, requires the person drawing up the plan to be professionally qualified. Back to reference of footnote 1
  2. For the manner of serving, see the Evidence by Certificate Rules 1961, as amended, r.3. Back to reference of footnote 2

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Updated 2021-08-27