New roles and responsibilities

The Building Safety Bill is making its way through Parliament. As it passes, we will get a clearer idea of what it might mean to the building safety reforms. We will share information as we learn more.

The building safety reforms give dutyholders clear accountability and statutory responsibilities. These apply while buildings are being designed, built, refurbished and occupied.

New roles

Principal accountable person or accountable person

These will be the dutyholders for residential high-rise buildings once completed.

The bill introduces an ongoing duty for each high-rise building. Dutyholders will need to:

Building safety manager

The building safety manager will need to carry out the day to day functions that make sure the building is managed safely. They will be expected to encourage openness and trust, and work with residents to keep the building safe.

Existing roles with new responsibilities

During design and construction

Existing dutyholders under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 will have new duties. These dutyholders are clients, designers, principal designers, contractors and principal contractors. Their new duties will be to:

their activities in relation to building regulations.

The dutyholders will keep their existing duties, including: 

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Updated 2021-10-12