Building Safety Regulator

The Building Safety Act names HSE as the new Building Safety Regulator in England.

Learn about the new Building Safety Regulator (BSR)

BSR will have 3 main functions:

HSE is preparing to carry out these functions.

Buildings we'll regulate

BSR will regulate high-rise buildings. These are buildings with 7 or more storeys or that are 18 metres or higher, and either:

The new framework

The building safety reforms introduce a new regulatory framework for high-rise buildings. These include:

There will also be registers of:

Storing your building's information – the golden thread

The Building Safety Act 2022 requires you to store information about your building. This information should be accurate, up to date, accessible and kept digitally. This is known as the golden thread of information.

Enforcement approach

BSR will:


BSR must establish and maintain 3 specific committees:

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Updated 2022-12-16