Monitoring, assurance and enforcement

The Building Safety regulator (BSR) will use a risk-based and intelligence-led approach to assess the performance of building control bodies (BCBs).

BCBs and registered building inspectors (RBIs) may need to:

BSR will develop an approach to monitoring and assurance that is:

BSR will set out arrangements for the collection of appropriate data.

BCBs will need to have systems and controls in place to ensure the information they identify, store and update is suitable.


BSR will have a series of escalating sanctions and enforcement measures to maintain standards and deal with poor performance.

It will develop and publish an investigation procedure so BCBs, building control professionals, and the public, will know what to expect. BCBs and RBIs will be able to appeal if they disagree with BSR’s decisions.

BSR will publish its findings on the performance of building control bodies.

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Updated 2023-03-31