Interim Residents Panel

As part of the planned building safety reforms, HSE will be the new Building Safety Regulator (BSR) in England. Under the Bill, which is currently going through Parliament, BSR must set up a Residents' Panel. This will give residents an ongoing voice to help shape the work of BSR in England.

Meanwhile, we've set up an Interim Residents' Panel that will help us:

The interim panel is a small group of about 15 people. It's made up of a mix of residents and representatives from organisations. We've made sure that members represent people with different experiences.

It’s important for residents to have their say in the development of BSR. How we operate will be shaped by their feedback. And the Interim Panel will provide HSE with valuable insight into the views and thinking of residents.

If you subscribe to the BSR newsletter you can stay up to date with the activities of the Interim Panel.

What the Interim Panel will do

Members of the Interim Panel will provide advice on a lot of important and complex projects. These will include:

Members of the panel will not:

We may invite the panel to take part in wider working groups across government.

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Updated 2022-04-28