Managing an occupied high-rise residential building

There is guidance on GOV.UK for you if you're responsible for safety in a high-rise residential building where people are living or could live.

A high-rise residential structure has:

  • at least 7 floors or is at least 18 metres in height
  • at least 2 residential units

A high-rise residential building can contain one or more high-rise residential structures.

Understand who is responsible for structure and fire safety

Safety in high-rise residential buildings: Accountable persons (on GOV.UK)

Check how and if you need to register your building

Applying to register a high-rise residential building (on GOV.UK)

Work with residents

Preparing a resident engagement strategy (on GOV.UK)

Use a safety case to manage risk

Accountable persons use a Safety case for a high-rise residential building (on GOV.UK) to manage the risk of the spread of fire or structural failure.

The principal accountable person is responsible for Preparing a safety case report (on GOV.UK)

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Updated 2024-06-04