Prepare for the new building safety framework

If you own or manage an occupied high-rise residential building (HRB), the Building Safety Act introduces a new set of roles and responsibilities. You’ll have to collect detailed, accurate information when you prepare a safety case report and register your building.

Be curious about your building

Gather information about how your building was built (including the design intent – why it was built the way it was). Include any changes that have been made since it was first built, and the measures in place to control building safety risks.

Information you might need

Every building is different so you may need other items of information that aren’t on this list. Some information will be obvious or easy to find, but you may have to investigate your building, or ask other people or organisations for help.

Some examples of things you’ll need to know about your building are:

  • the profile of its residents
  • when it was built, and the relevant standards at time of construction
  • your building’s height, number of storeys, number and type of flats
  • details of common parts and any underground levels
  • details of any shared facilities such as utilities, car parking or access if it’s part of a wider development
  • plans of the building as built (if available)
  • details of the building’s construction including facade and insulation materials
  • details of any refurbishment or changes to the building since it was built
  • your fire prevention and protection measures
  • information about its structural condition
  • information about services and utilities
  • maintenance and inspection details
  • arrangements for managing and monitoring your building

You can start preparing your safety case now.

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Updated 2023-09-27