Storing your building's information – the golden thread

This guidance is for anyone responsible for a building’s information throughout its life-cycle. This includes, building companies, principal designers and principal contractors, and local authorities.

The information you will need to manage

Your building’s information must be:

  • kept digitally
  • kept securely
  • a building's single source of truth
  • available to people who need the information to do a job
  • available when the person needs the information
  • presented in a way that person can use  

The information you will need to keep

The information you keep must be proportionate and will depend on what stage the building is at in its life. If you keep too much information, it might be difficult to find the information you need when it is needed.

While the building is being designed and built you will need to keep information that describes the building and shows how it complies with building regulations.

When the building is lived in (occupied) you will need to keep information that shows how you are assessing and managing the building safety risks. 

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Updated 2023-10-02