Welfare (toilets etc)

What do I have to provide on site?

  • Flushing toilets connected to the mains water and drainage system where possible.
  • If main connection is not available, then facilities with a built in water supply and drainage tank
  • Portable chemical toilets can be used as last resort.
  • Toilets should be ventilated, lit and kept clean
  • There should be arrangements for cleaning the toilets (daily may not be sufficient) and an adequate supply of toilet paper etc
  • There should be wash basins with hot and cold (or warm) running water next to the toilets with soap and towels (or hand dryers)
  • The basins should be large enough to wash hands, face and forearms.

For more information for small sites see Welfare facilities What you need to know as a busy builder.

How many toilets are needed?

Information on how many toilets should a workplace have is available online.

If using portable chemical toilets you need 1 for every 7 people working a 40 hour week.

Do I need a separate drying room ?

There should be an area for securely storing clothing and for drying wet items.

Do workers need to have a rest area?

There should be a room where workers can eat and drink.

What welfare facilities should be provided for workers on a demolition site?

People working at a demolition site must have access to at least the normal construction range of facilities including: toilets; large wash basins; running hot (warm) and cold washing water; washing consumables; a clean rest room with lights, heating and seating; drinking water, means to heat water/food; and an area for storing and drying work clothes.  In addition if the work is dirty - and demolition work frequently is - then showers must be provided.

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