Special RIN: export of GB PIC chemicals for research or analysis

Special RIN requests are a special or 'light' procedure for exports of PIC chemicals exempted from the obligations of the PIC Regulation but where a code for customs clearance is required.

The special RIN procedure is required for PIC chemicals exported for the purpose of research or analysis in quantities of 10 kgs or less per exporter, per year and per importing country. A special RIN is also required where an importing country has waived its right to receive an export notification and where a positive import response for the chemical being exported is available in the Rotterdam Convention import response database or the latest PIC Circular.

Exporters of such chemicals are required to complete a Special RIN request form available under PIC Resources. This is a short form with minimal information requirements. Once completed, this form should be sent to the GB PIC DNA at [email protected]. Please include the following details in the subject line of your email: 'GB PIC - Special RIN request - company name - chemical/mixture - importing country name - Year'.

Once checked, the DNA will provide the exporter with an email and special reference identification number (RIN), for use in the exporter's customs export declaration.

Bulk Special RINS

We can also process BULK special RINS for chemicals for research and analysis in quantities of 10 kg or less per exporter, per year and per importing. This request can be used when the same chemical is exported to many countries or if a bulk (large number) of chemicals is to be exported to one or several countries. We would suggest that Part 1,2 & 3 chemicals and Part 4 & 5 chemicals are not submitted together.

We would not suggest the Special RIN request form be used for the BULK Special RINS request as this form is designed for one request. Instead, an email request with the relevant information should suffice - this could include for example a spreadsheet attachment. The following information is required depending on what you are requesting.

  • Confirmation that the chemicals for research and analysis in quantities of 10 kg or less, per year and per importing
  • Year of export
  • Chemical or chemicals to be exported and CAS number
  • Expected date of export
  • Expected amount
  • Intended use
  • Importing country or countries
  • Importer name(s)

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Updated: 2023-11-21