Exporting GB PIC-listed chemicals

GB PIC places obligations on companies who wish to export or import certain (PIC-listed) chemicals into or out of GB. The obligations mostly apply to exports and this includes companies having to notify their intention to export substances.

You can check which chemicals are subject to GB PIC on the GB PIC List. If substances are not listed, then there are no PIC notification obligations.

Companies exporting PIC-listed chemicals from GB are required to notify to HSE exports of:

Companies should notify their exports to the GB PIC Designated National Authority (DNA):

Note, that for exports to the EU, a single notification will cover exports of that product going to any EU member state or supply to Northern Ireland.

Special procedures apply to PIC in cases of:

In addition to notifying exports, companies exporting PIC-listed chemicals from GB are obliged to:

Companies may also wish to check with the relevant authorities in the importing country as to whether they have any existing national laws or restrictions for the import of their chemicals into a country.

Explicit consent waivers

For some chemicals the explicit consent of the importing country is required before export can take place, and the GB PIC DNA seeks this consent on behalf of the exporter. But, in certain circumstances a valid positive explicit consent response from importing country can be waived. Find out more in our guide Exporting PIC chemicals from GB: waivers.

Updated: 2022-09-20