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Each year safety issues in paper, board and recovered paper sector workplaces are the cause of numerous accidents to workers. Protecting the safety of workers is an important part of health and safety management. Analysis of the cause of injuries in these sectors shows that the 3 biggest causes of injury are as follows:

  • Machine interventions – Analysis of accidents in the paper industry show that one of the major causes of injury is machinery related accidents. These were caused not only by operating machines but also by intervening in machines, for example during set up, maintenance. Serious and fatal injuries have been caused in the last few years during machinery interventions.
  • Slips trips and falls - This continues to be an issue for the industry with injuries being caused by slipping and tripping in the workplace.
  • Working at height - There are a number of tasks in the paper industry that include work at height, for example changing the fabric.  To prevent injury tasks that involve work at height should be properly planned.  This page will give more information on safe working at height.

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Updated: 2021-11-04