How PABIAC Works

The Paper and Board Industry Advisory Committee is a tripartite partnership between Trade Unions, Industry and HSE. It represents the following sectors of industry:

  • Papermaking/tissue making
  • Paper Conversion/Corrugated Sector
  • Paper Recycling

The main PABIAC committee meets twice a year and the minutes of these meetings are posted online. 

The committee consulted with industry to develop strategic objectives for the period July 2019 to June 2023. The objectives contribute to "Helping Great Britain Work Well".

The PABIAC committee will monitor industries performance in relation to health and safety through reports from PABIAC industry delivery committees. Where issues relating to health and safety in the sectors are raised they will they will work with the sector committees to try and address those issues.

There are 3 PABIAC Industry Delivery Committees (IDC) representing paper/tissue manufacturing, corrugated and recovered paper sectors that meet regularly during the year to devise, develop and implement actions to achieve the strategic objectives. The IDCs have input from industry, unions and HSE where necessary.

The structure of PABIAC is as follows:


  • HSE
    • 2 Officers
    • Chair and Secretariat
  • Employers
    • 4 Senior Sector Representatives & CPI Director General
    • RA Senior Representative
    • CPI H&S Adviser
  • Unions
    • 4 Senior Representatives (3 Unite; 1 GMB)
  • PABIAC Sector Industry Delivery Groups
    • Paper/Tissue H&S Committee
    • Corrugated H&S Committee
    • Recovered H&S Committee
  • PABIAC structure notes

    • Agree strategic targets 2019-2023
    • Set direction and provide leadership and support
    • Commission task and finish working groups
    • Liaise with sector committees

    PPABIAC Sector Industry Delivery Groups structure notes

    • H&S committees to include TU/employee representation
    • Generate and implement SMART sector action plans
    • Chair to liaise with sector CEO
    • Support PABIAC strategy

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    Updated: 2022-09-30