The Paper and Board Industry Advisory Committee (PABIAC) is a partnership between HSE, employers and Trade Unions to help prevent death, injury and ill health to workers.

PABIAC has published its fifth strategy, covering 2019-2023.

The strategy builds on the successes of the previous four. The committee also restructured. Its membership comprises senior representatives from industry and the unions. Members champion health and safety in their sectors.

PABIAC Strategy 2019-2023 Priorities

The main priorities for the PABIAC strategy 2019-2023 include:

  1. Leadership, engagement and collaboration;
  2. Work-related stress, physical and mental health and wellbeing;
  3. Vehicle, material movement and storage stability

Other Priorities

Slip or trip accidents cause 25% of injuries in the paper related sector.

HSE scientists and PABIAC have been researching the causes of slips and trips. On several research visits to sites they also looked at good practice. The research will help the industry to reduce slip and trip injuries in the sector.

Download (pdf) a summary report of the findings.

Causes of accidents and ill health like dust, stress and limb, muscle and back pain are also priorities.

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Updated: 2022-11-09