PABIAC 2019-2023 Strategy

This strategy:

  • The PABIAC strategy supports the Helping Great Britain Work Well strategy, HSE's Go Home Healthy campaign, HSE's Manufacturing Sector Plan and HSE's Health Priority Plans targeting musculoskeletal disorders, work-related stress and occupational lung disease.
  • Recognises the key to success in achieving the strategy is for everyone to work together at all levels of industry and through the PABIAC partnership.
  • Focuses action on key health and safety issues identified for improvement by industry.
  • Consolidates previous achievements and establishes leading indicators for industry.

Strategic Objectives

In delivering this strategy PABIAC will track HSE's reported 'all manufacturing sector' injury rate. We will aim to be at or below this rate and will ensure the 'all PABIAC sector injury rate' does not increase.

Note: In calculating the all PABIAC sector injury rate 'over 3 day' incapacitation and 'over 7 day' reporting will be used.

During the course of the strategy PABIAC will monitor trends in injuries, ill-health reports and other industry data and where appropriate will amend the strategic objectives accordingly.

Industry is encouraged to feedback to PABIAC good practice, difficulties in delivery and resources they feel would support them in delivering the objectives.

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Updated: 2022-05-22