Which jobs and workers to assess with the V-MAC

Which jobs should you assess with the V-MAC?

Use the V-MAC alongside the MAC when ALL of the following apply:

Don't use the V-MAC when:

Here are some pointers to help you decide when to use the V-MAC or the MAC or the ART tool:

You may want to assess several different jobs with the V-MAC. If you find very big differences in what different workers handle (for example, in different zones in a warehouse) then you should assess them as separate jobs.

How many workers do you need to look at for each job you assess?

What workers do will often vary from day to day and between individuals, so data from one person on one day won't capture this. We suggest that you look at data from three people to capture some of these differences. You shouldn't need to assess all the workers individually, unless only one or two do the job.
For each distinct job:

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Updated: 2021-01-26