Expert scores for team handling container from table to pallet task

Risk Factors Score Reason
Load weight R = 6 80 Kgs and 2 people
Possible solutions
Hand distance from lower back G = 0 No problems
Vertical lift zones A = 1 This is a little bit tricky, it is slightly above elbow height for the nearest worker therefore consider the worst case scenario.
Possible solutions
Torso twisting/ sideways bending A = 1 This is tricky. Need to view the slow motion clip to see that the nearest worker sideways bends to control the load. This is due to the poor communication. Also, the worker at the near end of the tank is slightly twisting his upper body to see where the load is to be placed.
Possible solutions
Postural constraints G = 0 No problems
Grip on load A = 2 Some may say that is a good grip but consider A/2. The hands are stretched which could easily lead to hands slipping off.
Possible solutions
Floor surface R = 3 Wet floor definite red.
Possible solutions
Carry distance

A = 1

Between 4 m and 10 m.
Possible solutions
Obstacles on route G = 0 No obstacles
Communication, co-ordination and control R = 3 This is a problem particularly when viewed in slow motion.
Possible solutions
Environmental factors None No problems

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Updated 2021-01-27