Expert scores for carrying in pastry factory task

Risk Factors Score Reason
Load weight A = 4 Full tubs weigh 20 kg. 2 tubs carried in quick succession. Approximately 2 carries every 30 minutes. Typical food plant – wet contaminated floors. Between 4 – 10 m.
Possible solutions
Hand distance from lower back G = 0 Upper arms remain vertical.
Asymmetrical torso/load G = 0 Load in front and symmetrical.
Postural constraints G = 0 Steps are just wide enough to allow unrestricted passage.
Grip on load A = 1 Bulky tub with grips provided. Notice how the grips bend outwards when the tub is lifted up. Also, to climb the steps the worker must lift the tub high to clear his legs, which reduces the adequacy of the grip.
Possible solutions
Floor surface R = 3 Wet contaminated floor and steps.
Possible solutions
Carry distance A = 1 Definitely between 4m -10m
Possible solutions
Obstacles on route A = 2 Steps are steep. In the past, inspectors have thought of them as ladders.
Possible solutions
Environmental factors None Handrails cannot be used when gripping and climbing the steps.
Total score 11 Worst bits are the steep steps, very slippery, large bulky load. Dynamics of slips make this part of the operation high risk.

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Updated 2021-05-14