Notice - Stage 2: Discuss notice

Step 2.1

For: Inspector

Is a notice now likely to be served?

If a notice is now likely to be served:

  • discuss the proposed notice with the dutyholder or a representative with authority to speak on their behalf or, if impracticable, discuss as soon as possible after serving it
  • inform employees or their representatives of the proposed action or, if impracticable, inform them as soon as possible after serving it
  • consult other HSE colleagues where there is joint responsibility for regulation at the site
  • consult any HSE multi-site account holder on the proposed action
  • consult HSE colleagues where any specialist advice is needed
  • discuss with line manager if there are problematic, contentious or sensitive issues or the notice covers issues likely to attract strong public or media interest or concern
  • consult other regulators where enforcement responsibilities potentially overlap
  • in particular, consult the Fire Authority before serving a notice which is likely to affect the means of escape in the event of a fire

For guidance on this, please see:

And in ND:

In ND:

  • ensure the argument/reasoning supporting the issue of the notice is recorded appropriately: in a visit or project assessment report or in a note on the file

If, in the event, it is decided a notice will not be served, in all cases:

  • record the reasons for this decision

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Updated 2022-08-16