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Complaints - Stage 2: Assess complaint using risk filter (FOD)

Step 2.1

For: Band 5 Complaints Handling Officer

Applying risk filter

Before applying risk filter

After applying risk filter

For FMU B2


For guidance on this please see:

Where the complaint is classified as green, the complainant is dissatisfied and new information is received:

Performance standards

  • Decide whether HSE is the enforcing authority and take the appropriate action:within one working day of receipt, or immediately, where there is an obvious risk of serious personal injury.
  • Apply the risk based filter within one working day of receipt
  • For green complaints where the complainant requested feedback  inform them that HSE will take no further action and why, within 10 working days.
  • Email details of red and amber Matters of Concern to the relevant FMU Band 2 immediately, or within 24 hours, of the complaint being received.
  • If details of a matter of concern which has been classified red or amber, and where the dutyholder is not known, are forwarded to the Band 2, the Band 2 should¬† inform the complaints team of whether any subsequent action has been taken by the FMU or not.

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Step 2.2

Referring technical queries to an inspector

For the B5 Complaints Handling officer

The inspector should:

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Step 2.3

Referring exceptional complaints to Band 2 inspector

Refer the assessed complaint to a Band 2 for a decision on investigation or follow up if:

Performance standard

Ensure the Band 2 is made aware of the complaint:

  • immediately or at the latest within 24 hours of receipt

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Updated 2020-08-04