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Operational guidance

This category makes available the current internal instructions and guidance that HSE uses to carry out its core operational work of inspecting, investigating, permissioning and enforcing.

The material is presented here essentially in the same way as it is made available to HSE staff but with some additional explanation for an external audience.

HSE tries to keep its internal instructions and guidance under regular review but it is a big task. Not all the material presented here is completely up to date but it is all useful. HSE staff understand the context in which they are working and are able to interpret appropriately current material that would benefit from some revision.

Not all of HSE’s internal instructions and guidance are open documents. All the fully open material is available on this site.

Class 0: Operations Group (OG)

Operations Group includes FOD, HID & NSD. These operational procedures apply across Operations Group

Document Description Availability Cost
Operational procedures Inspection Online Free
  Investigation Online Free
  Complaints (OG Procedures) Online Free
  Enforcement decision Online Free
  Notice Online Free
  Prosecution Online Free
  Major incident Online Free

Class 1: Field Operations Directorate (FOD)

FOD is the largest operational inspectorate in HSE and covers many employment sectors including construction, agriculture, general manufacturing, engineering, food and drink, quarries, entertainment, education, health services, local and central government and domestic gas safety.

Document Definition Availability Cost
Operational Circulars (OCs) OCs are arranged alphabetically according to a topic classification system Online Free
Operational Minutes (OMs) OMs are arranged according to the year in which they were published Online Free
Inspection Packs Inspection packs (also known as topic packs) describe and support inspection of the following topics: · Craft bakers · Asthmagens· Falls from height · Hand arm vibration syndrome· Musculoskeletal disorders · Slips and trips· Stress; · Workplace transport Online Free
Risk control indicators Summarises the inspection packs listed above Online Free
FOD Procedures Includes: Online Free

Class 2: Hazardous Installations Directorate (HID)

HID is responsible for regulating and promoting improvements in health and safety, contributing to the overall HSC/E aim of reducing and controlling the major hazard risks present, across the following high hazard industries and sectors: chemical manufacture and storage; gas storage and transportation; offshore oil and gas extraction; mining; diving; explosives; and biological agents.

Document Definition Availability Cost
HID Permanent Manuals Classified under: · Enforcement· Permissioning· Technical Online Free
HID semi-permanent circulars Classified under:· Enforcement· Permissioning· Technical Online Free
HID short life circulars These are relatively few in number and have a life span of 6 months or less Online Free

Class 3: Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR)

From 18 October 2011, internal instructions and guidance can be found on the Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) website.

Please go to the Office for Nuclear Regulation website for more information.

Class 4: Railway Inspectorate (HMRI)

On 1 April 2006, responsibility for health and safety policy and enforcement on the railways transferred from HSC/E to the Office of Rail and Road (ORR).

Please go to the Office of Rail and Road website for more information.

Class 5: Sector Information Minutes (SIMs)

Sectors produce internal instructions & guidance in the form of Sector Information Minutes (SIMs).

Document Definition Availability Cost
Agriculture & Food   Online Free
Construction   Online Free
Manufacturing   Online Free
STSU Services, Transport and Safety Unit (formerly CACTUS) Online Free
Public Services   Online Free
Updated 2015-09-23