Notice - Stage 4: Serve notice

Step 4.1

For: Inspector

Is the notice ready to be served?

If the notice is now ready to be served:

  • deliver by hand or by recorded delivery to the recipient's proper address in accordance with HSWA section 46
  • obtain proof of delivery from Royal Mail where necessary
  • enclose a covering letter confirming any discussion or advice relating to the notice
  • ask to be a notified when the remedial measures have been completed
  • where non-compliance is likely to lead to consideration of prosecution of a manager or director, ensure a copy of the notice is brought to their attention at the time of service
  • send a copy to the employees or their representative of any notice that affects their health, safety and welfare following service on the dutyholder
  • alert the HSE press office if the notice is likely to attract strong public or media interest or concern
  • where appropriate, inform other regulators according to agreed protocols
  • record notice details

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Updated 2020-12-15