MOD's organisation

MOD is a large employer, employing approximately 180,000 military personnel and 86,000 civil servants. The MOD has seven commands – Army, Navy, RAF, MOD Joint Operations, Defence Infrastructure Organisation and Defence Equipment and Support. MOD also has a number of Agencies which include those dealing with equipment maintenance and storage.

MOD has a range of high hazard areas including nuclear safety, explosives, airworthiness and maritime safety.  MOD also has to manage risks associated with training military personnel; equipping them to operate in high risk /hostile environments; and coping with re-integration of troops into UK following operational tours. In other  respects the health and safety issues and challenges that MOD face are very similar to other large organisations including control of contractors, asbestos management, slips and trips,  workplace transport, and a range of occupational health issues.

'Additional information on MOD's organisation and safety arrangements can be found on the MOD's own website.

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Updated 2020-07-31