Ministry of defence (MOD) and the armed forces

This website covers health and safety in the MOD and Armed Forces. It explains how the law applies to military activities, and links to guidance on managing the significant risks.

It recognises the need to have a balanced approach to the varied risks faced by MOD and the Armed Forces.

MOD's organisation

How we work

A General Agreement between HSE and MOD sets out how HSE, as a regulator, works with MOD.

HSE has a number of operational inspectors across the organisation who target their inspections on areas of greatest risk.

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Application of legislation to the MOD

The Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 (HSW Act) applies to MOD, its agencies and the armed forces within Great Britain. The Secretary of State for Defence can claim exemption on behalf of the armed forces from some requirements in the interests of national security, though in practice this is rarely exercised.

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Application to Cadets

The cadet forces are community based, voluntary organisations,that promote the personal and social development of young people in the age range 12-18 years.

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Updated 2022-05-17