How we work

A General Agreement between HSE and MOD sets out how HSE, as a regulator, works with MOD.

Visiting Forces

A parallel agreement exists with the United States Forces in Great Britain which clarifies the application of the HSW Act and the arrangements in place to ensure safety of GB workers and members of the public.

HSE operational inspectors

HSE has a number of operational inspectors across the organisation who target their inspections on areas of greatest risk - including

  • Field Operations Directorate – liaison and inspection of MOD sites at the local level as necessary.  This includes investigation of selected incidents.
  • HID (SI) Explosives Inspectorate - HSE Explosives Inspectorate has an agreed and extant engagement and intervention plan with MOD. This includes conducting a series of joint inspections at MOD licensed explosives sites.
  • HID (SI) Gas and pipelines Unit – Liaison with Defence Infrastructure Organisation
  • HID (SI) Biological Agents Unit – Liaison and inspection of certain DSTL specialised sites
  • HID (SI) Mines inspectorate – Liaison with Defence Infrastructure Organisation as necessary
  • HID OSD Diving inspectorate – Liaison with MOD Superintendant of Diving and inspection as necessary.
  • Office of the Nuclear Regulator (ONR) - Liaison with Defence Nuclear Safety Regulator and inspection as per Annex B of the General Agreement t. ONR are an Agency of HSE.
  • CSAG Radiation Inspectors – ongoing liaison with MOD regarding non ionising radiation, including radon.
  • Public Services Sector – formally meet with MOD central safety team and MODs Chief Environmental and Safety Officers (CESOs) twice yearly, to discuss current and emerging issues.

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Updated 2020-07-31