Regulatory management option analysis (RMOA)

Regulatory management option analysis (RMOA) is a key tool to support the Appropriate Authorities in their regulatory decision making.

The RMOA document is neither a legislative requirement, nor legally binding. It is a technical dossier that provides an assessment of potential health and environmental risks associated with the use of a substance or group of substances, a description of the existing regulatory framework and specific controls relating to them.

Where existing regulatory controls do not appear to be sufficient to manage a concern, the RMOA will identify options to resolve this situation. This could include further regulatory measures but might also include voluntary actions that stakeholders could initiate.

An RMOA does not replace the statutory regulatory processes that the REACH regulation requires in order to identify a substance as a Substance of Very High Concern (SVHC), add a substance to Annex 14 or propose a restriction. However, it will provide information about the reasons why these, or other, regulatory actions are being initiated.

The RMOA will also outline the reasons why no regulatory action is being initiated if this is the most appropriate approach.

HSE as the Agency for UK REACH, with support from the Environment Agency, will:

  • complete RMOAs to describe the reasons why regulatory action is being considered
  • document the existing regulatory landscape around the concern
  • identify which regulatory action or actions might be needed to resolve concerns
  • highlight any key areas of uncertainty in the available information.

Stakeholders, including other government departments and agencies, will also be invited to contribute to the process by submitting information and engaging with the RMOA team.

Information can be provided by responding to a call for evidence, where available, or by contacting the REACH and CLP helpdesk.

This page provides information about ongoing and completed RMOAs.

RMOAs that have been completed will be published on this page.

Regulatory management option analysis (RMOA)


Published: April 2023


Published: April 2023

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