Get involved in UK REACH

HSE acts as the Agency for UK REACH. We want to engage with anyone interested in UK REACH work and welcome involvement from businesses, non-governmental organisations, civil society groups and other interested groups. This will help us make sure our activities take account of relevant views and are evidence based.

The Agency would like participation from as many relevant parties as possible, for example through:

Accredited stakeholder Organisations (ASOs)

ASO status is for those interested in UK REACH processes who represent their interest group at UK level. ASOs will be able to participate in certain meetings and activities.

There is a pack with more information on stakeholder engagement and how to get involved as an ASO, including a Code of Conduct. There is also a separate application form.

Meeting agendas

We will publish meeting agendas online – for example for Challenge Panels associated with the formation of opinions for restrictions and applications for authorisation.

Updated 2022-03-30