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UK Chemicals Helpline

A new Chemicals Helpline has been set up for GB businesses and stakeholders. The helpline will provide support with general enquiries relating to EU Exit and basic enquiries relating to  UK REACH. The helpline should be contacted if you have questions relating to, or encounter any problems with UK REACH-IT service, Comply with UK REACH.

You can contact the UK Chemicals Helpline on:
Telephone number 0330 159 1985
Opening hours 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday

HSE contacts

If you are already familiar with REACH processes due to previously having had responsibilities under EU REACH, or if your query is specialised or technical in nature, please contact our existing email-only helpdesk in the first instance. You should receive a reply to your query within 10 working days.

The  REACH Helpdesk can be contacted at: [email protected]
If you need technical advice on other health and safety issues or if you want to report a concern about workplace health and safety conditions, please see the main contact page.

For specific matters relating to the enforcement of REACH, please contact our compliance team at [email protected].

The Agency's postal address is:
The Agency
The Health and Safety Executive
1.1 Redgrave Court
L20 7HS

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Updated 2022-03-30