Rolling Action Plan (RAP) for UK REACH 2022-2024

  1. In accordance with Article 44 of UK REACH and the criteria outlined in the document 'Approach to substance evaluation in UK REACH', the substances listed in table 1 are proposed for inclusion in the rolling action plan (RAP).
  2. In our approach to substance selection, we have sought to complement rather than replicate evaluation work that has been or will be performed by other regulatory regimes (such as via EU REACH). The intention is to increase our overall understanding of the hazard and risk profile of the priority substances and their relevance to GB.
  3. Selection of substances for inclusion in the RAP is based on the hazard profile of substances and their exposure potential, including the quantities that are supplied. The Agency will consider information from a number of sources to identify priorities:
    • The GB specific data within the UK database (Comply with UK REACH-IT)
    • UK REACH processes (such as dossier evaluation), which will also develop with the embedding of the UK REACH system past the first year of operation
    • Other intelligence – such as horizon scanning of other regimes, both domestic (eg GB CLP) and international (eg EU REACH and other regulatory systems from other countries).

    Using the sources above and within the time available to the Agency in the first year of operation of UK REACH, the Agency has identified 2 substances for evaluation in 2022 to include on the first RAP. Due to these processes being in the early stages of development the Agency has not specified other prioritised substances for 2023 and 2024, however we have set out the timeline for inclusion in Table 1 below.
  4. Substance evaluation will be conducted where a potential concern has been identified. The evaluation will determine if a conclusion on the concern can be drawn from the available data. If a conclusion cannot be drawn, we can (as the Agency for UK REACH) require registrants to provide additional information to clarify the concern. In such cases, if they arise, deadlines will be set by which the information shall be provided.
  5. The initial grounds for concern are described briefly in the RAP and further detail is provided in the specific justification document for each substance. The indication of the initial grounds for concern does not limit the scope of the evaluation, other areas of concern identified during an assessment may also be addressed.

Table 1: Substances proposed for inclusion in the rolling action plan (RAP) for UK REACH 2022-2024

Use the links in the table to read the justification for the inclusion of the substance.

Year Substance EC No CAS No Initial grounds for concern
2022 Paraffin waxes and hydrocarbon waxes, chloro 264-150-0 63449-39-8 Environment: suspected PBT/vPvB

Exposure: wide dispersive use, high (aggregated) tonnage
2022 2,2'-Diallyl-4,4'-sulfonyldiphenol 411-570-9 41481-66-7 Environment: potential endocrine disrupter
Human Health: suspected CMR

Exposure: wide dispersive use
2023 To be agreed in next update (by 31 May 2023) - - -
2024 To be agreed in update (by 31 May 2024) - - -

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Updated 2022-05-24