Substances recommended for inclusion in REACH UK Authorisation List (Annex 14)

These are substances that have been included in HSEs draft or final recommendations for inclusion in the UK REACH Authorisation List (Annex 14).


Recommendations to add substances to Annex XIV

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16 January 2024

The links in the spreadsheet can be used to view the supporting documents, including details of the UK REACH approach to prioritisation of substances for recommendation to Annex 14 .

The supporting documents are in ZIP files which can be large and may take longer to download than expected.


Under Article 58(3) of UK REACH, HSE is required to recommend priority substances for inclusion in the UK REACH Authorisation List (Annex 14) from the UK candidate list of substances of very high concern (SVHCs).

Following HSE’s recommendation, the appropriate authorities ((Defra) Secretary of State and the Scottish and Welsh Ministers) will decide whether to include those priority substances in the list of substances subject to authorisation (Annex 14 of UK REACH).

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Updated 2022-01-28