GB-based downstream users of a UK REACH authorisation

Notify HSE

If you are a Great Britain-based downstream user of a substance which is on the UK REACH Authorisation List (Annex 14) you must be covered by a UK REACH authorisation to continue to use the substance after its sunset date. If this authorisation has been granted to an applicant up your supply chain, you must notify HSE that you are a downstream user of a UK REACH authorisation (submit an Article 66 notification). After the authorisation decision has been published and within three months of the substance being received thereafter you must submit the following information to HSE:

  • the name of your business and addresses of any sites where the substance is used
  • the substance being used including EC number and CAS number
  • the Authorisation number(s) covering your use(s)
  • details of your supplier(s)

Email this information to [email protected] using the subject ‘UK REACH authorisation – Article 66 notification’
You may also provide additional information such as;

  • the typical annual volume
  • the number of staff using the substance
  • a description of your use
  • any involvement in potential substitution activities.

Submission of monitoring information

As a GB-based downstream user of an authorisation, you may be required to submit specific data as a condition of the authorisation.

Guidance regarding any monitoring information that you are required to submit, including a reporting template and the deadline for submission will be communicated to you down your supply chain (from your supplier or distributor). If you need help with submitting monitoring information email [email protected]

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Updated 2021-08-10