Slips and trips in production areas

Walkways, work areas, and pallets

Make sure that walkways are well-marked and kept clear of pallets and other obstructions at all times. Also ensure that work areas have identified places for pallet loading and unloading.

Trolleys and lift trucks

Trolleys and lift trucks, particularly those left on pedestrian routes, can cause obstructions. When not being used store them in specially designated areas.

Trailing cables and wires

People trip over cables and wires, particularly on pedestrian routes. Permanently wire equipment to avoid trailing cables. Alternatively use cable covers. Where necessary restrict access to prevent people having to cross trailing cables and wires.

Strapping, wrapping and loose paper

Discarded pieces of strapping, wrapping and loose paper can cause slips and trips. Make sure that these items are disposed of carefully in suitable bins placed in convenient locations.

Oil contamination and other spillages

Oil contamination on floors increases the risk of slipping. Oil leaking from poorly maintained machinery or vehicles such as forklift trucks is often the cause. Maintain equipment and vehicles to prevent oil leaks and contamination. If there is a leak, clean the contaminated area immediately with a suitable cleaning agent.

It's not just oil contamination. Spillages of any other liquids should be cleaned up immediately, no matter how small. Dry the floor after cleaning using towels or a dry mop. If a floor remains wet after cleaning, put up warning signs whilst the floor is drying.

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Updated: 2021-12-14