Defined safe systems of work for press cleaning

  • Inch-stop-lock-clean - Press unit is isolated (removal of power in a secure manner so inadvertent reconnection is not possible), limited movement using the inch button enabling operator to clean exposed cylinder. On multi-operator presses, the person cleaning must be able to ensure that the press remains isolated so that it is not possible for another person to cause the press to move unexpectedly.
  •  Inch-stop-clean – Cylinders are rotated to expose the section of cylinder surface to be cleaned. Cleaning cloth must be held clear of the cylinder while it is rotating and not applied until the cylinder is stationary. For machines with a true or limited inch control, you may need to push the control button several times to expose enough of the cylinder surface to clean. Multi-person cleaning is acceptable using this system only where zoned print unit controls are provided, ie cylinder movement at each print unit can occur and be controlled independently of the rest
  • Slow crawl cleaning – Cylinder rotates at very slow speed and cleaning cloth is applied. Movement is controlled using hold-to-run slow crawl or continuous slow crawl controls

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Updated: 2021-11-09