Risk assessment guidelines for in-running nips on sheet and web-fed printing presses and varnishing machines

The flow chart guide linked below helps identify suitable safeguards for in-running nips on sheet-fed and web-fed printing presses supplied post publication of European Standard BS EN 1010: 'Safety of machinery – Safety requirements for the design and construction of printing and paper converting machines'. It may also be useful for printing presses manufactured or refurbished before publication of the standard. For more information and to check for the most recent version of the standard please consult the British Standards Institution website. Additionally follow information in the manufacturer's manual.

Guard Types

Guard above both rollers with slot above where they meet
Fig 1: Letter box guard
Continuous guard over both rollers
Fig 2: Fixed Guard
Guard angled over first roller with right-angle over where rollers meet
Fig 3: Nip bar

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Updated: 2021-11-22