Working with employees for good health and safety management

The SIMPL partners recognise that health and safety and successful business or organisational performance are complementary. Where there is good health and safety management systems, along with strong leadership, the number of accidents and incidents in the plastics industry could be reduced.

In businesses where managers work together with their workforce to establish strong health and safety management systems along with involving employees in day-to-day activities then both business and health and safety benefits can be realised.

Strong health and safety management systems doesn't necessarily mean employing lots of people in different "health and safety roles". Small companies with 2 or 3 employees can have strong health and safety management systems through good communication, working together as a team and staff being involved on a daily basis with matters that affect their workplace.

The SIMPL partners are committed to trying to help industry improve their health and safety management systems and worker involvement and have committed to addressing these two in their strategy.

What this means in practice

There is a lot of information available to help companies big and small to manage health and safety effectively and at the same time involving employees. The SIMPL partners have pulled together the links below to help either reassure yourself that you are managing health and safety effectively or to give you some tools to be able to improve health and safety management in your company/organisation:

The British Plastics Federation (BPF) have put together some additional information below that could be used to help people manage health and safety whilst involving workers:

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Updated 2024-02-09