Storing Cellular Plastics to reduce fire risks

The safest storage area for cellular plastics (CP) is in a detached single-storey building, located away from fire escape routes and assembly points.

If the CP store is in an occupied building then:

If the CP store is in a multi-occupancy building then whenever possible it should not be below any occupied floor. Stores below occupied floors may not give enough time to evacuate the building before the fire blocks escape routes. Also smoke and fire can spread rapidly from the stores to the upper floors.

If storage below occupied floors is unavoidable then an automatic fire-detection system linked to the fire alarm should be installed in the store to give early warning of fire. The installation of an automatic sprinkler system should also be considered.

When storing CP the following should be considered:

Positioning of stock in storerooms

The following arrangements should be followed so far as practicable:

it is recommended that scrap material brought into the store in bins or bales is kept in a special area marked out and set aside for the purpose.

Updated 2021-11-08