The SIMPL pledge

The SIMPL pledge gives individual companies the chance to demonstrate their commitment to the initiative by signing a pledge in support of the SIMPL objectives.

Once a company has signed the pledge they will receive a certificate to display in their business demonstrating their commitment to the initiative.

Companies are then asked to draw together an action plan of how they will change their workplaces to improve health and safety and contribute to the SIMPL objectives.

A pledge template can be downloaded and adapted to what you are able to pledge to change. Once you have printed and signed the pledge send it along with your company details to BPF or Composites UK.

Once the pledge has been received a certificate will then be sent to you. 

Companies who have signed the pledge

  • Renolit Cramlington Ltd
  • Norpol
  • Domestic & General Insulation Ltd
  • Robert McBride Ltd
  • Moss Plastic Parts
  • Canyon Europe Ltd
  • Plastek UK
  • Logoplaste UK
  • URT Group Ltd
  • SAR (Composites) Ltd
  • Parton Fibreglass Ltd
  • Medway Fibreglass Limited
  • Camvac Limited
  • Ultimate Packaging Ltd
  • McLaren Plastics Ltd
  • Cinram Operations UK Ltd
  • AEI Compounds
  • SABIC UK Ltd
  • SCA Foam Products
  • Lister Trade Frames Ltd
  • Livedale
  • Comfortex Ltd
  • Altro Limited
  • Spectus
  • Elasto UK Ltd
  • Hellyar Plastics
  • A K Industries Limited
  • Promens Packaging Ltd
  • Marpak Extrusions Ltd
  • AGI - Amaray
  • PMB Ltd
  • McAlpine & Co
  • Albis UK
  • C J Tool
  • Foams 4 Sports Ltd
  • Duflex Foam
  • Linpac Allibert - Winsford
  • Data Plastics Ltd
  • REGAIN Polymers Limited
  • ColorMatrix Europe Ltd
  • Combined Composites Technologies
  • Broadwater Mouldings
  • Lamplas Polymer Engineering
  • Composites UK
  • Composite Fibreglass Mouldings
  • Jacuzzi UK
  • Bowles & Walker Ltd.
  • 4PLAS Ltd
  • Tex Plastic Products
  • Sealed Air
  • Plastribution
  • Mondi Wheatley
  • Radius Systems Limited
  • Epwin Group
  • Closed Loop Recycling
  • Axion Recycling Limited
  • British Plastics Federation (BPF) 
  • BPF Recycling Council Limited  (Now part of the BPF)
  • Chase Plastics
  • Innovia
  • Britton Group
  • CEDO Ltd
  • BPI
  • Packaging and Films Association (PAFA)
  • Gabriel-Chemie U.K. Ltd
  • Oxford Plastics
  • Rehau Ltd
  • RPC Group PLC
  • Distrupol Limited
  • Centriforce Products Limited
  • Wavin Limited
  • ColourTone
  • Global Closure Systems
  • AlphaGary Ltd
  • Tex Industrial Plastics - Derby
  • Forbes Group
  • Brayford Plastics Ltd

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Updated 2023-05-02