Health issues in the plastics industry

Within plastics industries there are a number of health issues that can affect employees. It is important to properly assess the risks of these and put things in place to protect workers from health risks.

  • Chemicals - In plastic manufacturing and recycling companies a number of chemicals are both used and produced as a by product of work processes. Some of these chemicals can damage people's health if they are exposed to them. Find out here what steps you need to take to protect workers.
  • Manual handling - In plastics companies manual handling is one of the biggest causes if injury. It is not only the weight of the materials being handled but also the size and nature of the products that can cause problems. This section describes what you need to do to prevent your employees being injured as a result of manual handling activities.
  • Noise - Most workplaces where machinery is used have potential noise issues. The effects of people being exposed to high levels of noise in the workplace aren't seen immediately. It is usually some years later when employees develop health issues related to noise exposure. This section will help you to find out if noise in the workplace is an issue for you, and if it is what you need to do about it.

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Updated 2023-05-02