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Many employers buy LEV to protect workers' health but find that it doesn't work. This may be because it's the wrong type or because it's not properly installed or maintained.

This website will help employers develop a systematic and critical approach to buying and using LEV to avoid expensive mistakes and control exposures effectively.

Key messages for buying LEV

  • Work out which jobs and activities cause exposure.
  • Write down what the LEV needs to do - get a reputable supplier to advise you .
  • Get the right type of LEV to control exposure.
  • Involve your employees in LEV design or selection.
  • Make sure the LEV is installed properly and works effectively.
  • Make sure the LEV has airflow indicators (or equivalent).
  • Make sure the supplier provides a User Manual and Log Book (or equivalents).

Key messages for when using LEV

  • Manage the checking and maintaining of the LEV system
  • Train employees to use the LEV properly (ask supplier for help)
  • Follow instructions in the User Manual (or equivalent)
  • Fill in the Log Book and get repairs done
  • Get the LEV thoroughly examined and tested 'annually'
  • Use the thorough examination report as an 'audit'. Improve if necessary

Confused by any of the terms? Why not have a look at the glossary.

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Updated 2021-01-15