Minor modifications: ITT - smoke test

Health risk effectively controlled with small design changes and workforce involvement.

Smoke test showing fumes leaking outside the fume cabinet

The smoke test results show modification is required..

The problem

ITT used booths to control exposure to harmful gases, mists and vapours emitted during cleaning of metal components.

When smoke tests were used to check the effectiveness of the booths, the company could see it needed to make improvements.

The solution

Smoke test showing significantly reduced leakage

The result of modifications to the LEV


The flanges reduced eddy currents at the sides of the booths.

The speed of the air entering the booth was increased by reducing the opening.

All of this greatly improved containment resulting in improved control of exposure.


Simple smoke tests are very useful for visualising air movement and helping to assess the effectiveness of local exhaust ventilation.

Big increases in effectiveness can be achieved by relatively small design changes carried out at low cost.

Listen to Mr Nick Sayer, health & safety coordinator of ITT, describe the process of introducing modifications and what the company achieved by making these changes in the video below.

Video of achievements made by ITT through minor modifications

Updated 2021-01-20