Cost recovery arrangements for HSL/Other contractor support work


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Cost recovery arrangements for HSL/Other contractor support work


1 This SPC replaces SPC/Admin/69 and describes HID's arrangements for recovering the costs of work that is undertaken by HSL staff or by other contractors. This may be:


2 Costs are recovered from operators or duty holders for the work of HID staff in relation to COMAH, Offshore and GSMR activities. Guidance on this is available on the HSE website at Charging activities

3 Where work by inspectors is cost recoverable, full economic costs are similarly recoverable for any elements of the work that are contracted out to HSL or to other contractors,

4 Technical and scientific support may also be provided by other contractors, where appropriate.

Work carried out by HSL

5 Relevant procedures for commissioning support from HSL should be followed. Further information is in Commissioning Research.

6 Reactive work is commissioned via the Justice Programme Science Business Partner (JP SBP). The priority of operational staff is to pro-actively manage the work carried out by HSL rather than to closely monitor costs (monitoring of costs for reactive technical support is part of the role of the JP SBP).

Work carried out by other contractors

7 Before work by other contractors can be commissioned, approval by Head of Division and Head of HID (via Head of HIDHQ) is required, through additional expenditure bids.

Key Issues

8 To avoid misunderstandings (and, potentially, cost recovery disputes) the key issues for inspectors to address are that:

9 Further detail on all of these issues is provided below.


10 The HID inspector commissioning support is responsible for the actions described below. Where more than one HID inspector is involved in an investigation, the regulatory site inspector is responsible for these actions unless an alternative approach has been agreed. For SR/SC assessment work, responsibility lies with the assessment manager.

Input from HSL

11 The commissioning HID inspector should:

For reactive work, the commissioning inspector should also;

Input from other contractors

12 The commissioning inspector should:

13 Ensure that when any invoice is forwarded to HID HQ1A the correct site ID number is provided (this enables HID's cost recovery team to associate each invoice with the correct project on COIN).

Further information

Further information is available from HID HQ1A.


Notification to Duty Holder - example

Example of text to notify duty holder of HSL involvement in the investigation of a RIDDOR incident :

Further to your notification of the incident on [incident date] at [company and site or name of installation], I confirm that this incident will be investigated by [inspector's name] of [name of group/ Division etc as appropriate] and that costs will be recovered for all activities in connection with this investigation from [company name] as required by the [specify as appropriate] regulations.

HSL is HSE's in-house laboratory, operating on agency principles. It provides research, incident investigation and other scientific support to HSE. Technical support from HSL in the areas of [specify as appropriate] will form an intrinsic part of this investigation. Activities carried out by HSL staff will be invoiced as 'Contractor Costs'. A more detailed breakdown of work will be provided by HSL to accompany the invoice.

Further information on the application of cost recovery can be found at HSE's website at:

If you have any queries please either contact the investigating inspector.

Updated 2022-11-08