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HID Semi Permanent Circulars - Permissioning

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SPC Number Title
SPC/PERM/40 Procedure for Registration of Explosives Manufacturing Processes under RIDDOR Exemption No 4 of 2007
SPC/PERM/39 Replaces SPC/Perm/ 09 HID's approach to ALARP decisions
SPC/PERM/37 Replaces SPC/Perm/12 Guidance on ALARP Decisions in COMAH
SPC/PERM/36 Carriage authorisations for explosives
SPC/PERM/35 Replaces SPC/Perm/06 COMAH Safety Reports – Information about the extent and severity of the consequences of identified major accidents
SPC/PERM/33 Lead unit system - instructions
Updated 2020-01-17