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HID Semi Permanent Circulars - Administration

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SPC Number Title
SPC/ADMIN/84 Minimum standards for complying with HSE's operational procedures for investigations
SPC/ADMIN/83 HSE's Operational Strategy for Interventions at New Build and Major Refurbishment of High Containment Biosafety Facilities
SPC/ADMIN/82 Delegated Authority within Hazardous Installations Directorate
SPC/ADMIN/81 Specialised Industries Division selection criteria for investigating major hazard precursor events from 1 October 2010
SPC/ADMIN/80 Cost recovery arrangements for HSL/Other contractor support work
SPC/ADMIN/79 Recovering costs for inspection related activities overseas
SPC/ADMIN/75 Acceptance of gifts and hospitality from outside organisations by HID staff
SPC/ADMIN/74 HID COIN Data Quality Control Procedure
SPC/ADMIN/73 Application for financial authority to work overtime
Updated 2019-02-14