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HID Semi Permanent Circulars - Enforcement

The Open Government status is displayed at the top of each circular.

SPC Number Title
SPC/ENF/189 HSE Procedure for handling decommissioning programmes
SPC/ENF/185 SPC 185 - Natural Gas Salt Cavity Storage – Guidance to Inspectors on Borehole and Cavern Design etc - Version 2 - October 2016
SPC/ENF/180 Workforce concerns about helicopter safety
SPC/ENF/179 Design management
SPC/ENF/177 Collision risk management - guidance on enforcement
SPC/ENF/175 Safety critical elements good repair and condition
SPC/ENF/174 Verification that safety critical elements are “suitable” at the commencement of a verification scheme
SPC/ENF/172 Temporary Refuge Impairment Frequency (TRIF) for Normally Unattended Installations (NUI)
SPC/ENF/171 Duty holder consultation with safety representatives in safety cases
SPC/ENF/170 The offshore installations and wells (design and construction etc) regulations 1996
SPC/ENF/160 Operational guidance for assessing management of shift work and fatigue and policy for working hours offshore
SPC/ENF/159 The Offshore Installations (Safety Representatives and Safety Committee) Regulations 1989
SPC/ENF/158 The offshore installations (safety case) regulations 2005
SPC/ENF/157 The provision and use of work equipment regulations 1998 – Offshore aspects
SPC/ENF/156 The pipelines safety regulations 1996
SPC/ENF/155 The offshore installations (prevention of fire and explosion, emergency response) regulations 1995
SPC/ENF/153 The offshore installations and pipeline works (management and administration) regulations 1995
SPC/ENF/150 The electricity at work regulations 1989 – Offshore aspects
- Identification, Traceability, Explosives, Regulations, 2013
SPC/ENF/188 Investigating major explosions and fires caused by explosives
SPC/ENF/187 Investigating Major Biological Agents Incidents
SPC/ENF/143 CBA/SIA guidance on safe use of IBCs
SPC/ENF/126 The testing of filled aerosols
SPC/ENF/59 Investigating major gas fires and explosions
Updated 2018-02-08