Application for financial authority to work overtime


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Fully open
Author unit / section:
HID HQ Finance & Planning Team
Target audience:
All HID Staff (Bands 0-6)


1 This HID Circular outlines the procedure to be followed to gain financial approval to work overtime.


2 HSE policy on working more than normal working hours is available on the intranet.

3 Managers should make every effort to avoid staff having to work more than their normal working hours. Where overtime is unavoidable, time off in lieu (TOIL) should be the normal method of compensation for all staff.

Working more than normal working hours

4 If managers are satisfied that overtime is necessary and TOIL cannot be taken to compensate, an application for financial authority to work overtime should be completed.

5 Except in an emergency or extreme circumstances, all overtime should be authorised in advance by the appropriate line manager (in HID this is the Band 1 Head of Unit) using this Application form

6 After authorisation, the application should be forwarded to HID HQ Finance and Planning Team, 5N.2 Redgrave Court Bootle, to assess whether there is financial cover within the payroll budget to meet the cost. Overtime must not be worked until affordability has been confirmed.

7. Claims for overtime payments should be made via eHR.

Further information

8 Further information is available from HID HQ on the VPN 523 3272.

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Updated 2020-12-09